About Temenos

The History:


What was once a barren piece of veld in 1996 is now the beautiful oasis of Temenos. On the 1st February 1997 the Retreat was opened with a small gathering of friends in the Chapel of The Little Way. The original property belonged to the Bronn family. They were simple farmers who kept a few cattle and donkeys.


Their original old homestead built of clay in 1856 is now our restaurant. The old stable still exists to the left of the Restaurant patio.  When the property was purchased  in 1996 by Billy Kennedy the building was in a state of disrepair and there was no garden except for six trees on the current restaurant lawn.


Over the next years the dream of Temenos gently unfolded into the well loved Retreat that it is today.


‘If you want your dream to grow, day by day go slowly

Small beginnings, greater ends, heartfelt work is holy'


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