August 06, 2021

This is an invitation to re-connect to your Untamed nature - the intuitive, wise, creative, fierce part of yourself that will help you start that fire!


Karen Nebe

Sept 03, 2021

Opportunity to spend a serene weekend in the beautiful surroundings of Temenos

Retreat Centre combined with an introduction to one of the most innovative and

rewarding, heart-opening movement practices of the 21st century.


Charmaine Horsburgh

Sept 17, 2021

Our practice is simple and does not require any advanced knitting and weaving techniques. 

Basic knit and purl stitch is all you kneed to know and no weaving experience is necessary



Oct 29, 2021

Letting go of strain and tension, force and effort, thus allowing the body’s natural EASE to operate. YOU WILL TAKE HOME practical, gentle, self-care Life skills



Nov 26, 2021

This retreat aims to help us develop tools that we can use in our daily lives to recall the Creative Muse and keep our inspiration alive. We will engage Mindfulness Practices like Meditation and Movement, Music and spontaneous Creative Activities.

Johann Van Greunen.png

Johann Van Greunen

Aug 13, 2021

Stop Living at Work, it is time to start Working on Life.

Join us for the weekend where you will Reflect, Review and acquire Resources for a more balanced view of your Retirement.


Hilary Henderson

Sept 6, 2021

This popular healing, growth and transformation retreat invites you to get in touch with you really are, helps you heal and get that SPARKLE back, leading to a fulfilled life of passion, purpose and meaning. 


Celeste Du Toit

Sept 24, 2021


In Spring when nature reinvents itself, we too can see relationships and situations with new eyes. The energy of Spring brings new vision, new creativity, new hope. Join Karen Nebe for a long weekend of creativity, gentle movement, meditation and self-compassion. Pause, breathe, reflect and connect.

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Karen Nebe

Nov 04, 2021

If you are seeking your own individual and unique path in life or feeling an urgent calling to explore a different path, this retreat is intended to support you to find the impetus you need to set you on your way. 


Zarine Roodt

Aug 22, 2021

Join us on retreat, gift yourself the time to step out of life’s busyness, to rest, recharge and refocus your intentions and energies.


Charney Engelbrecht

Sept 10, 2021

Photography is a wonderful tool for seeing the world and learning how we see. Looking is not the same as seeing and a present awareness can open up the way we see, increasing perceptiveness and releasing preconceptions. This can deepen and enrich a photographic practice.


Gwendolyn Meyer

Oct 08, 2021

For the soul a journey into spring can entail undertaking new projects, giving attention to desires and hopes that stir up after the slumber and sleep associated with winter, or even making some important life changes.

Johann Van Greunen.png

Johann Van Greunen

Nov 22, 2021

Now, more than ever, it is time to restore and heal our bodies that were energetically depleted from illness, stress, trauma and grief. It is time to re-story our narratives about our life situations that keep us stuck in negativity and lethargy.

Johann Van Greunen.png

Johann Van Greunen