“Spring a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be”


As the seasons roll from one to the next we have an opportunity to pause

and to reflect. To take stock of where we have been and to plant the seeds

for where we would like to go from here.

Have we ever needed to be together more than now? Have we ever needed to kindle our light with more fervour. Come warm yourself and one another through mindful living. Temenos Retreat in McGregor has offered me sanctuary thrice in the past. First when I was reeling as a new mother of two -- I found the peace and quiet in these magical gardens and meditation spaces that my exhausted body and soul craved.

Spring is the Season of Awakening to new possibilities and new life. For the soul a journey into spring can entail undertaking new projects, giving attention to desires and hopes that stir up after the slumber and sleep associated with winter, or even making some important life changes. This silent retreat will create the sacred space for solitude and deep reflection to facilitate this soul journey into spring through the practices of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and movement.

Welcome to an experience designed by an Artist, Teacher and Specialist Wellness Counsellor. Carl Jung said that in everyone some kind of artist is hiding. Our unique retreat will take you on a wonderful journey back to the true self, the constant unchanging self, the knowing self. Prepare to let yourself go in an holistic space where you will be inspired to elevate your creative awareness. Learn about lost aspects of yourself such as clarity and the ensuing happiness it brings.

This popular healing, growth and transformation retreat invites you to get in touch with you really are, helps you heal and get that SPARKLE back, leading to a fulfilled life of passion, purpose and meaning. The focus is on deepening your connection with Self, to fully live your purpose.

Stuck energy, created through conditioning, limiting beliefs, poor habits, trauma and just general life experience, creates blockages, disharmony, unhappiness, and often, illness. Over the course of four days, I help you to identify and clear these blocks, find what matters to you and provide the space and guidance to make lasting differences in your journey of life.

Regardless of gender, we all contain both masculine and feminine energy. As in nature, we function optimally when these energies are in harmony and a state of flow.


Through teachings, facilitated activities, awareness, mindfulness, movement and breathing exercises, we will explore the integration of your masculine and feminine energies in an empowered, harmonious lifestyle, in flow with your natural rhythms and purpose.

Temenos is open – conforming to requirements  -  and our 20-22 November 2020 Workshop-Retreat is in place to set us all ‘aright’, grounded, steady, resilient and buoyant in the many richnesses  of our human lives.

Bookings take account of current situations and we maintain regular contact.

Integrating the principles & practice of Alexander Technique, Tai Chi/Qi Gong and Natural, Conscious Walk-ing, Marguerite guides us into the shared perspectives of these significant Arts. 

Regardless of the career path we follow, all of us experience at some point of time a “creative block” and loss of inspiration. Whether it is due to unreasonable demands on our time, work pressure, obligations, fatigue or a combination of it all, it is a challenging and sometimes very unhappy space to be in. We might feel that we are just living a rat-race to manage deadlines and ensuring that our lives stay more or less intact. But our souls might remind us that we are lacking. It is the kind of Dark Night of the Soul that brings to awareness that we have lost imagination and creative inspiration, and that it is time to retrieve it. This retreat aims to help us develop tools that we can use in our daily lives to recall the Creative Muse and keep our inspiration alive.



Opportunity to spend a serene weekend in the beautiful surroundings of Temenos Retreat Centre combined with an introduction to one of the most innovative, rewarding heart-opening movement practices of the 21st century.

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