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Jan 21, 2022

Gently step into the New Year with courage, curiosity, creativity and compassion. Fully immerse yourself in stillness, meditation, movement and guided art processes that allow for deep enquiry.


Karen Nebe


March 04, 2022

This weekend offers a unique conscious movement experience that uses the outstanding postural alignment techniques of the Bowspring, traditional Yoga and Mindful practices.


Charmaine Horsburgh


Apr 01, 2022

Time to write, walk, circle the garden, sit amidst blue glass …and be…. as we move between silence and speech. Writing and meditation bring us alive and expand the present moment. On this retreat in a sacred space discover the writer inside you.


Dorian Haarhoff


May 27, 2022

Winter is the ideal season to retreat into silence and allow the weary soul to rest. Through the practice of Mindfulness Meditation this retreat aims to provide the nurturing and healing space needed for the necessary journey inward, entering the threshold of mystery through silence that will to allow body and soul to restore.


Johann Van Greunen

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Feb 11, 2022

Learn some ancient &science-based tools &techniques that will help you set aside your stressors, re-establish a sense of peace in your overactive mind &reinvigorate the way you feel from the inside out...

Equinox Wellbeing Escape - Feb 2022-4.jpg

Paula & Leigh


March 11, 2022

Photography enables us to perceive the world more deeply and at the same time teaches us how we see. It is also an excellent tool for exploring ideas of presence. 


Gwendolyn Meyer


Apr 22, 2022

Now, more than ever, we need healing and reclaiming our sense of embodiment. It is time to restore and heal our bodies that were energetically depleted from illness, stress, trauma and grief.


Johann Van Greunen


Oct 07, 2022

Spring is the Season of Awakening to new possibilities and new life. For the soul a journey into spring can entail undertaking new projects, giving attention to desires and hopes that stir up after the slumber and sleep associated with winter, or even making some important life changes.


Johann Van Greunen

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Feb 25, 2022

A retreat designed to re-connect you with your true essence - which is LOVE, CONNECTION, AWARENESS. This is an invitation to LET GO of fear, anxiety and social isolation.


Karen Nebe


March 14, 2022

Holistic Wellness starts Within…. A 4-day healing, growth, and transformation retreat. Take some time for yourself, and allow me to guide you on a journey inwards. Leave the outside world behind for a few days, in the beautiful, tranquil gardens of Temenos.


Celeste Du Toit


May 13, 2022

The Weekend is a PAUSE to let go of daily life & concerns—to find Balance & Poise – to ensure natural breathing and composure - to choose appropriate effort, expression and action – to the tips of your toes and the crown of your head.


Marguerite van der Merwe


Nov 25, 2022

Regardless of the career path we follow, all of us experience at some point of time a “creative block” and loss of inspiration. Whether it is due to unreasonable demands on our time, work pressure, obligations, fatigue or a combination of it all, it is a challenging and sometimes very unhappy space to be in. We might feel that we are just living a rat-race to manage deadlines and ensure that our lives stay more or less intact.


Johann Van Greunen