01-03 April 2022 | Hundreds of Ways, Writing your Spiritual Journey with Dorian Haarhoff

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground (Rumi)

The word ‘spirit’ touches every aspect of our lives. In this retreat, like Dante, we invoke the image of the journey.

In the middle of my life I found myself in a dark wood.

The way was wholly lost and gone…My will and desire were revolved, as a wheel that is equally turned, by the Love which moves the sun and stars.

(Dante- beginning and end of Divine Comedy)

Time to write, walk, circle the garden, sit amidst blue glass …and be…. as we move between silence and speech

Writing and meditation bring us alive and expand the present moment. On this retreat in a sacred space (Temenos) discover the writer inside you. We explore our innate creativity and imagination as we connect to mindfulness and bodyfulness.

The retreat offers you a safe place. We focus on how to be present in your writing and engage the reader as a creative partner. And source your bliss.


The cost of R3975 pp includes:

  • Temenos accommodation – two nights plus free third night

  • 2 brunches and 3 suppers in Tibaldi’s (ex Mon breakfast)

  • the retreat expereince

  • Teas (drinks own account)

  • a story evening (Living a larger Life- Storytelling Evening: (Sat night 2 April )

Booking and payment through Temenos www.temenos.org.za 023 625 1871

Living a larger Life- Storytelling Evening: (Sat night 2 April )

Free to retreatants R80 (wine inc) for public

Temenos April 2022 Hundreds of Ways
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We enter the world of story to recover our zest, energy and passion. Stories rekindle joy, help us heal and create a more abundant life. Everybody has a story. Listen to Oom Schalk, the veld philosopher, Nasrudin the trickster, Rumi the mystic, the quirky Rabbi, Anansi the spider, All you need do is change the name and it's about YOU, this story' (Horace) Garden of the beloved.