02 - 04 July 2021 | RELATIONSHIPS - Refresh and defrag your past, present and further Relationships.

Updated: Jul 8

The Program includes:

  • Self Love/ Going within

  • Codependence

  • Boundaries

  • Intimacy/ Sexuality

  • Self-worth

  • Labyrinth meditation

TOTAL COST for the RETREAT is as follows:

Single Accommodation, and meals included as follows:

Friday to Saturday evening dinner, Saturday and Sunday morning Breakfast.

TOTALS: R 3500.00 p/person.

Space is limited and this retreat is expected to fill up fast.

ALL BOOKINGS must be made via Temenos directly: temenos@lando.co.za



Bringing light to darkness.

  • OSHO sannyasin

  • Sexologist ( abuse / trauma)

  • Love & relationship councilor

  • Tantra body worker

20 years plus Guru G has been following all the different aspects of the path of enlightenment local and international. He has taken all aspects of spirituality to form his own unique way of healing. A strong believer in vibrational energies and truth as well as finding the balance within the modern society we find ourselves in today.

Going within oneself first is a journey less travelled but high on Guru G path to enlightenment, bliss, samadhi.

He is a man who worships the Goddess and has so much respect for women. His teachings all come from a purity he carries within his Soul and all his intentions are of the light. His healing abilities are proven throughout the world when it comes to working with trauma and abuse in women and as well as in men. He is a Master of his kind and believes the only thing that will save this world is PURE LOVE.

One of his favorite teachings is: No matter what the question the answer is always love.