A TALK ON DAO at Caritas, Thursday 23rd of February at 18h30

A gentleman by the name of Mr Shen has approached Temenos and offered to speak on the art of Dao cultivation. The title of his talk is THE TIMING OF DAO DESCENDING TO EARTH NOW.

Mr Shen writes, ‘There are three periods on planet earth. The first period was the Green Yang period which lasted for 1500 years and ended in 600BC. The Red Yang period began in 600 BC and finished 100 years ago. We are now in the White Yang period which will last 10800 years. The White Yang period is where man will be confronted by many disasters (created by man). We are at this culminating point where paradise on earth will be created by all sentient beings who have volunteered to incarnate here and to initiate the creation of heaven on earth. It is vital that we as individuals restore balance within ourselves by cultivating the teachings and virtues that enrich the soul.’

Mr Shen grew up in a poor family in Taiwan. He came to South Africa in 1974 and for many years was in charge of the Taiwanese fishing vessels which docked in at the Cape Town harbour. After receiving Dao in 1993, Mr Shen immediately gave up his business and became vegetarian. He has been in Dao cultivation ever since.

The talk will be about an hour long with a little time reserved for questions.

Kindly RSVP so that we have an indication of interest. 0236251 871

Or email Madie at temenos@lando.co.za

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