1-4 & 4-6 May 2018 | Body Sense Workshop Retreats

Temenos, with its peaceful, beautiful, spiritualized environment, and Alexander Teacher Marguerite, come together offering a unique opportunity to participate in either, or both Workshops – Body Sense I May 1-4 Midweek (Tues to Fri) & Body Sense II May 4-6 Weekend (Fri to Sun). Each Workshop is complete in itself – they can be experienced separately or together: Stand-alone or Run-on. Participating in both expands and complements aspects of the work in a powerful way. Each participant moves through the experiences as her/his particular and natural evolving process. Temenos offers Free accommodation Tuesday night for May 1-4 WORKSHOP; free accommodation Sunday night for May 4-6 WORKSHOP. Presenter Marguerite brings 30+ years experience in Body Sense Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, The Art of Walking and the richness of the Arts of Music, Story, Poetry …With the unique hands-on guidance of an experienced Alexander teacher, steeped in the body-mind-spirit landscape.


in both is a Workshop/Retreat format:Early Mornings: Limbering – Walking – Meditation

Mornings: Workshop Sessions

Afternoons: Individual sessions, Optional Guided activities, free time

Evenings: Meditation, Music, Story, Poetry (focus: mystic , nature poets)as relevant to the ritual and focus of the Workshop-Retreat.

Meals: wholesome, delicious, beautifully prepared, vegetarian

Meditations: in The Well/The Little Way/ Temenos Gardens/WalkingSilence – most of the time, excepting during Workshop sessions, and asdirected. Relaxedness & Restfulness grow!


Body Sense I May 1-4 Midweek (Tues to Fri) : R3 400

Body Sense II May 4-6 Weekend (Fri to Sun): R4 200


Marguerite (Osler) van der Merwe : 028 271 4555; margsmerwe@telkomsa.net, www.bodysensetechnique.co.za or TEMENOS 023 625 1871, temenos@lando.co.za www.temenos.org.za