08 - 09 December 2018 | Vasalisa the Wise, the Retrieval of Intuition as Initiation with Briar and M

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

A Russian Folk tale from ‘Women who run with the Wolves’

A Story and Art experience with Briar and Michael Grimley Acacia Grove, 74 Long St, McGregor

8 &9 December 2018

‘Intuition is the treasure of a woman’s psyche. It is like a divining instrument and like a crystal through which one can see with uncanny interior vision. It is like a wise old woman who is with you always, who tells you exactly what the matter is, tells you exactly whether you need to go left or right. It is a form of The One Who Knows, old La Que Sabé, the Wild Woman.’

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Join Briar and Michael at Acacia Grove, and let the telling of this story sing to the deep woman in you. Through pastel, clay and poetry writing we will welcome her to dance with us, hold our hands,

laugh and cry with us, and ‘wring the truth from things’.

All women and men who want to nurture their wild eternal feminine are warmly invited.

‘Once there was, and once there was not, a young mother who lay on her deathbed, her face pale as the white wax roses in the sacristy of the church nearby. Her young daughter and her husband sat at the end of her old wooden bed and prayed that God would guide her safely into the next world…’