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Valentine’s Getaway (14th–18th Feb)

4 night’s accommodation, Valentine’s day dinner and a bottle of wine for R4 335 per couple.

Plus 10% discount on all other meals in the restaurant.

See our menu at Tebaldi’s.

Mind the Gap: A Mindful Writing, Being & Meditation Retreat with Dorian Haarhoff: 01st - 04th March

Writing is about a conversation with yourself and with others. An exchange of energies. It is a skill drawn from attention, presence and openness – an organic process rather than a talent. On this retreat we follow Wordsworth’s advice ‘Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart’ As we move between words and silence we become mindful of the gap that the poet Machado talks about. We wander and wonder for a weekend the spaces in-between. When we write and meditate we attend to the moment in a zen-pen way. This moment open us up to time and space beyond tick-tock clock time. Booking and payment through Temenos www.temenos.org.za

Inner Wellness Retreat with Celeste Du Toit:

18th - 22nd March

Holistic Wellness starts Within…. A 4-day healing, growth, and transformation retreat. Take some time for yourself, and allow me to guide you on a journey inwards. Leave the outside world behind for a few days in the beautiful, tranquil gardens of Temenos. For more info: Contact Celeste on 082 741 9578 or celeste@yesparadigm.co.za

PENSIONER RATE: (Tuesday to Friday)

We once again welcome our Pensioners from Tuesday to Thursday. Stay for 3 nights and pay for 2.


Special single rate for those wanting ‘time-out’ alone. Stay for 3 weekday nights and get 30% discount.

STILL WATERS: A retreat for Caregivers

Temenos welcomes men and women in care giving capacities, ministry or social services who often cannot afford to take a rest away from their place of work. Come and rest and restore yourself in tranquil surroundings. Stay 4 weekday nights and only pay for 2.


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