29 - 31 Jan 2021 | The Self-Compassion Break with Karen Nebe

Updated: Feb 3

When we are kind to ourselves it is the gateway to re-connecting with trust and hope. When we are present and we feel our hearts open it actually feels like we’re coming home to who we truly are - to our deepest potential. Often the starting place for connecting with Spiritual Hope is through our presence with the suffering, the disappointments, with the great losses.

This is an invitation to PAUSE and come into stillness - to breathe deeply, meditate, move gently, declare yourself a

learner and immerse yourself in a creative process that will help you gain clarity on what is truly important to you.

Come and re-connect with your true essence. And most importantly, do this with self-compassion.

Self-Compassion - fierce, fearless compassion - with courage, curiosity and trust in basic goodness helps us to see possibilities we might not have otherwise imagined or ever thought possible. Research has shown that practicing mindful selfcompassion decreases stress, anxiety, depression and is essential to cultivating resilience and a more fulfilling life.

More About Creative Guiding

In a nurturing environment Karen gently nudges and steers the art-making. She draws on inspiration from nature and its elements, stories, poetry and other stimuli. The emphasis is

on the experience of creating, developing and reflecting through the artwork and not on the finished product. An invitation to let go of expectations and be curious about whatever emerges.

The Package Includes

2 nights accommodation, all fresh, healthy vegetarian meals, art materials, guided meditations, mindful movement and Creative Guiding PLUS one follow up coaching session after the retreat.