6-10 Sept 2021 | INNER WELLNESS RETREAT with Celeste Du Toit

Updated: Sep 20

Holistic Wellness starts Within….

A 4-day healing, growth, and transformation retreat

Perhaps you are…

  • Feeling unfulfilled, stuck, in a rut or trapped

  • Constantly making the same mistakes

  • Experiencing major life changes or trauma

  • Convinced you’re destined for more in life

  • Lonely and unhappy inside

  • Questioning your spirituality and want to deepen it

  • Longing for joy and passion

…then this retreat is for you!

Take some time for yourself, and allow me to guide you on a journey inwards. Leave the outside world behind for a few days, in the beautiful, tranquil gardens of Temenos.

What we will dive into:

• "What drives me?" - Igniting passion •Freedom, releasing and letting go

• Identify your inner obstacles and blocks

• Balanced energies – mind, body, and spirit

• Sustainable wellbeing practices for life

• Self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love

• How your thoughts create your reality

• The power of emotions and getting in touch with it

• How your body “speaks” your mind

• Meditation, breath work and spiritual practices

• Living a more conscious and charged life