Tebaldi's New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Come and enjoy our gourmet New Year's menu. This year, as part of our culinary policy, we are offering Vegan options at Christmas and New Year.

Complimentary glass of Chambord Royale


Country Chicken Terrine

Green olive, chicken and pistachio terrine

Smoked Duck and Wild Mushroom Salad

With hazelnut and barley

Sweet Potato Soup

With harvest berries and basil sauce (vegan)

Main Course

Salmon and Herb Coulibiac

Herbed Salmon in a pastry casing with a yoghurt, parsley and chive sauce. Served with poached tomatoes and basil

Filet Florentine

Sliced fillet on a bed of fresh rocket, topped with a chimmichurri sauce, served with hasselback potatoes

Cauliflower Sformato

With crispy kale and caramelized pine nuts served with herbed quinoa and tangy lemon zest (vegan)


Rum Zabliogni