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Each Microsoft Office user must know the method of printing emails in Outlook 365 or The desktop version of Outlook also lets users print attachments to emails direct from Outlook.

Print emails using rules from Outlook:

  1. In the main Outlook window, choose Home...Rules...Create rule

  2. Choose all the criteria you want to filter out only the emails that you have to print, and then click Next

  3. Then, click on the Advanced Options button, then select Next.

  4. Make sure to print it, and then click Next

  5. Make any changes, then select Next

  6. Name the rule and click to close.

Outlook allows users to print emails, but the printing options are occasionally restricted. For example, Outlook only prints attachments to the default printer. Moreover, printing attachments and emails are sometimes out of order. Also, emails can't be printed at a time as well as email messages (and attachments) can't be printed in a timely manner to printers that do not default. To solve these issues the use of an add-in such as the one we use in Auto Print must be utilized. To print automatically emails or attachments, you must follow these directions:

How can you print automatically attachments and emails with Auto Print:

  1. Select the Sperry Software icon in the main Outlook toolbar.

  2. Click on the add-in's "AutoPrint Incoming Email" tab

  3. Select one of the Outlook folders to follow (like Inbox). Inbox)

  4. Select the appropriate filters for all email messages that come in

  5. Print what you like or print, whether attachments, emails, or both.

  6. In the tab Print Settings, choose the printer.

With the add-in, you can choose from the Sent Items folder as well that prints emails (which offers the benefit that printing the header data). Additionally, you can choose the pages that are printed, the number of copies you print, or what types of attachments are printed (for instance, you can print only PDF documents).

The add-in produces emails in bulk. Like when they are printed as they are received to print the entire folder, follow these directions:

How can batch print attachments and emails in a folder

  1. Select the Sperry Software icon in the main Outlook toolbar.

  2. Click on the add-in's "Print Now" tab

  3. Select the Outlook folder for printing similar to the Inbox

  4. Select the appropriate filter for all attachments and emails

  5. Click Print Now.

The add-in prints attachments and emails in the correct order.