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Some are born talented and I am lucky that I belong to that group of people, Just Kidding. Right from my childhood days where all my classmates use to memorize the answers I only use to understand the concept and write it in my own words.

Though few of my class teachers gave me fewer marks but yet it is helping me today as a content writer. Hence writing and explaining in my own words become my hobby and when your hobby turns out to be your regular work, results are always outstanding.

I love my work of content writing and explaining to the world what others feel. I write simple articles and blog posts that help people from all over the world understand healthcare in detail. Most of my post includes better ways to overcome health challenges, sexual disorder, medicine knowledge, lifestyle and diet plan.

Some of my current health blogs include

Sexual Disorder:

Why having sex is important in life: Do you know sex has a lot of advantages in life. A couple who are bound to have sex three times a week are more likely to live happily together with strong bonding. Sex also helps our overall social well behavior and benefits for good health.

Best Generic Medicines to treat Erectile Dysfunction in the USA:

Most men from the USA prefer generic medicine over brand Pfizer. The one and only one major reason for this is the price difference both the medicines carry. But due to lack of knowledge and trust, most give up buying generic and spend huge on brands. But in this blog, you will find all information as to why buy Kamagra online, Order dark blue Pills Online, Aurogra or Fildena over brand medicine.

General Health Problems:

Abrupt Health Issues That Men can Face: Men face more health issues when compared to women. Though men are muscular but are negligent at the same time. Know what are some Abrupt Health Issues That Men can Face at any point of time at any age bar.

Home Remedies for Diabetes: People from all over the world are looking for some of the best home remedies that can help control their sugar levels. This blog is created on the basis of people's reviews on some of the best home remedies to diabetes that are working absolutely fantastic on controlling their sugar levels.


Importance of yoga in your daily life: While most of us know Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercise that consists of certain asanas (body positions) and breathing patterns that helps an individual achieve the best state of health and fitness.


The secret to long life: Well this is something that each one of you should read. Especially if you are in your mid 30's this post will help you select the best diet along with some good lifestyle changes to adapt for the future.

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Tim Miller

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