Temenos offers you a great opportunity to come and gently nurture yourself.


Slow down gently and breathe in deeply the fresh, clean air of McGregor. During your stay we can arrange gentle early morning walks and a Yoga class.


If you are hoping to instil a sense of quietness within yourself you are welcome to join our daily silent meditation sessions. We have a wide range of body and healing therapies for you to indulge in which you can book on arrival or prior to your visit.


Within the gardens is an extensive library of Health and Healing books for you to choose from and to enjoy either reading in front of a log fire in your cottage or in summer, relaxing at our lap pool.

Body and Healing Therapists 


Alex van Oostveen

Personal Coaching

I have been practicing as a coach since 2008 and as coach supervisor since 2015. As a personal coach, I focus on presence and meaning-making in the here-and-now relationship with clients.


This means we work with what you bring, without any advice-giving, steps or processes driven by me. I work within a scope of spiritual to psychological, based on your needs.

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Atholl Hay

Holistic Massage

Atholl is an experienced counsellor and therapist who has been practicing massage therapy since 2012.

Treatments are tailored to your requirements and are on site at Temenos in therapy room Merton.

Temenos guests can charge treatments to their account.

Self Empowering Modalities

which offer tools to discover, resolve and transcend challenges, by changing thoughts and beliefs that could be limiting you from experiencing your life to the fullest.

Barbara Sowter's

Ceramic Sculpture




Yoga classes at Temenos that incorporate the new and exceptional alignment method called the Bowspring: A way of consciously working with the natural curves of the body that improves balance, enhances strength, flexibility and a sense of lightness.


Suitable for all ages, Beginners welcome.   


Regular classes held in Caritas.  Private classes by arrangement.

Africa’s first Bowspring teacher.


Dirk Geelen

Mindfulness Therapist (Psychotherapy and Qi Gong)

For 25 years I worked in adult mental health as a care manager and psychotherapist in the UK.  I have a private practice in South Africa and run mindfulness groups for depression, grief and loss, illness and disability, anxiety management and, addictions.


Gwynn Gabriel

An Invitation to walk through the sky blue door

Gwynn has written a book of stories called "The Water Window". It is a series of nine interlinked stories, which she will read aloud to you. You can listen, or explore together in further conversation, anywhere that comes alive for you. it is always a one-on-one process.

Colour Me Gorgeous

Colour Analysis, or Colour Coding as it’s sometimes known, identifies the best colours that work with your unique skin tone, allowing you to choose clothes and makeup with confidence. Hazel qualified as an Image Consultant fifteen years ago. She lives in McGregor and offers Colour Analysis and Styling sessions from her home in Plein Street


Kath Higgens

Poetry to meet you on your path

So many people have been saved by a poem, transformed by a poem, or simply touched by a poem. So many of us have felt less alone, when we have read a poem that captures just how we feel.


This is your opportunity to explore one-to-one the power of the poetic word, which is totally life-affirming. It may reveal diagnosis, remedy or guidance. You may be looking for insight regarding a question or issue, or simply like to engage with the medium of poetry to enhance your inner world.

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Lana Kenney

Reiki & Energy Healing with Lana

Lana offers reiki and energy healing sessions which bring balance to the mind, body, heart and soul.

With her calm energy, she creates a peaceful space where you can find deep rest. Here you can connect to your inner quiet and source of wellbeing. Her clients feel a renewed sense of calm, clarity and greater ease in their lives.

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Liny Kruger

Tarot with Liny

A Tarot reading can offer the most delicious insights, it can loosen the spirits, broaden perspective, shine a light into the wondrous matrix of Self. It can call us back to focus on what is necessary, it can grace us with hope and warn against dangers – all which are not necessarily literal.

Dr Marianne Verthoogt

Homeopath, Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist

As a Wellbeing Practitioner I see "dis-ease" as a disharmony or lack of inner balance of the whole body, rather then a mal-functional of a part of the body. 

Health is described as not merely an absence of disease, but a state where there is a sense of wellbeing and balance on a physical, a mental and an emotional level.


Patricia Hall

Personal Insight Facilitation

Please join me for a special, once in a lifetime reading, 'The Destiny Profile'. Using the medium of the Viking Runes, 'The Destiny Profile' is an incredible tool for self-awareness. It will provide you with deep insights into your own nature, the limitations that are a part of your make-up and the ideal way for you to handle your passage through life.   

You may also like to try an Animal or Bird Card Reading in support of a specific question or need. I look forward to working with you.



Gentle Rain - traditional healing

My practice consists of an eclectic mix of herbal remedies, plant spirit medicine and intuitive energetic healing techniques. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, trained Herbalist and have received instruction from The Emissaries of Divine Light in the discipline of Attunement.


Robin Yule

Life skills and mindfullness coach

I focus on unravelling the circumstances that have led to unhealthy, unconstructive behaviours and offer practical skills to use in your everyday life to gently regain your sense of self and get you back on your feet again.


Taya Cundill

The Transformation Game

The Game enables you to look at the kind of experiences you create, how you react to them and how you might change your responses to realize your higher potential and achieve your purposes in life.


For more information and bookings contact Taya

Spiritual Companionship

As a 'spiritual companion' I undertake to come alongside and 'keep you company' for a while on your own spiritual path.

The qualities of a spiritual companionship that I value are a sense of shared pilgrimage, of spiritual frendship and of working with you in kind of soul 'midwifery'.


A cancellation fee of up to 100% (of the cost of the treatment) may be charged on bookings cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment time.